about the course

We, Rolling Korea, teach our students based on our annual analysis of the TOPIK test. With years of experience, we provide classes that will help students to reach their goals as quickly as possible. TOPIK classes requires professionalism so we recommend that you take classes from our experts. We've helped many students to surpass level 4 TOPIK so that they can enroll universities successfully. 


Yonsei University

Seoul University

Korea University

Kyung-Hee University

When you learn TOPIK with Rolling Korea:

  • Learn from a professional TOPIK instructor
  • Learn TOPIK-appropriate grammar, vocabulary, writing, and listening
  • Supplement your weaknesses and receive lessons for a higher grade
  • Through mock tests, you can adjust easily to the actual test.


  • A foreign government-invited scholarship student’s admission and graduate management
  • A foreigner or an overseas Korean with 12 years of education in a foreign country’s admission to a Korean university or a graduate school
  • Document for a foreigner’s qualification test to a Korean school (The National Institute of the Korean Language)
  • Become a permanent resident (to get a green card)
  • Visa applications for a married immigrant