Kenza Zola


To be honest, I was a bit afraid to come to Korea to learn Korean and K-pop all by myself, but it didn’t last long. The anxiety melted away on the first day of Rolling Korea. Teachers, staff, and new friends from other countries greeted me with a big smile. The compact class system helped me to get constant feedback from teachers. Quality of the class was second to none. With great visual aids and examples, I could glide through troubled part of Korean language.

I should mention K-pop class as well. I’ve never danced this hard in my life. The dance room filled with loud music pumped me up, and I couldn’t stop dancing. K-pop singing teacher, Song-i, is kind and passionate. She helped a lot in pronunciation and vocalization. I can sing Exo’s Growl now in proper Korean!

Studying in Rolling Korea was dreamy summer days of my life. I’ll miss you all and definitely will come back later. Until then, au revoir!

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