Athalane Perrot


Learning the history behind the Korean language was fascinating. Rolling Korea is a hidden gem underneath the vast ocean. Studying Korean at Rolling Korea for a month is full of heart-warming memories. In Korea, people seldom say I or me. They say “Woori” meaning we or us in English. As a westerner, I never had such community-driven experience. In Woori, staff, teacher, and students are united as one. We study, play, eat together. The word “Woori” strengthened as Korea undergone World War 2 and Korean War. Everyone heavily suffered from hunger. In a word “Woori,” people shared scarce food and stayed strong. It was the time when Korean people asking “Did you eat?” as hello, worried about each other’s health. The custom continues up until today.

Learning a language is more than learning words. It represents the people’s spirit. It contains people’s past and future. Every time I learn a brief history behind a word, emotions struck me from head to toe. Thank you Rolling Korea for the great memory.

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