Oe Mitsuki


“Every instructor in Rolling Korea is so kind and teach everything easy to understand. I had a nice time in Rolling Korea making many friends and studying with them. If you plan to study in Korea, come to Rolling Korea! And Jun Mi teacher, you are so pretty!”


Mannien Marijn


“I had such a nice time past month learning Korean in Rolling Korea. I liked the classes too but especially, I loved the afternoon activities. My favorite was the mission challenge in Times Square.”


Athalane Perrot


“I was very impressed by supportive and hardworking instructors. I could start the day with more enthusiasm with the help of my Korean instructors. I was so surprised how talented and pretty my vocal instructor was! Thank you very much for the great memories.”


Kenza Zola


“My favorite thing was the class with fewer students. I also loved all the activities and having lunch with my instructors. It was such as friendly environment and it was very helpful for studying.”


Han Ga Ram


“I could study comfortably with the systematic lessons and easy explanations. Learning grammars can be hard for foreign students but I thought it was very helpful to learn with examples.”


Aigul Busyrova


“I had a fun time with many friends in my age. I could learn a lot of Korean with the help of the passionate teachers. I also had to take quizzes regularly which helped me stay focused.”