Support service

In general, Korea is one of the safest countries in the world, but it wouldn't hurt to be extra careful. Many students were satisfied with our services. Anyone can start a safe and sound adventure in Korea with our support service. We pay close attention to individual students and listen to their requests. Worry less and concentrate on learning Korean!

  • Housing

Handpicked housing facilities for a safe and comfortable stay. Rolling Korea’s own shared-houses are a popular option for those staying in Korea for the first time. They are a 10-minute walk away from the school. Check out more about housing options on accommodation tab above.

  • Airport Pick-up

You might have heard about Korea's convenient public transportation system, but getting familiar with it can take some time. With our airport pick-up service, our designated personnel will escort you from the airport to your accommodation. You can also apply for the airport drop-off service.

  • One-on-one Care System

We pay close attention to everyone, but for those who want extra care, we offer one-on-one care system. This service is popular for teenagers and their guardians. We will accompany and assist you when you need to go to a public office or when you need a visit to a hospital.

More services

Instant Messenger

We use instant messengers(Skype, Kakao Talk, LINE) to contact students quickly. You can contact us with any questions or requests through messengers even after the class.

Pocket Wi-Fi Rent

We rent some pocket Wi-Fi. With pocket Wi-Fi, you can have secured internet access anywhere.

Alien Registration

We help you with the complicated alien registration process. We assist you with preparing documents until getting an alien registration card.

Tour Information

Do you want more tour information? We can give you recommendations for restaurants or places to visit. Ask the front desk.

Opening Bank Account

We assist you from preparing documents until opening bank account.

Getting a Cell phone

If you want to buy a cell phone in Korea, our staff will accompany you to a store and help you with the entire process. You can choose a plan that is suitable for you.

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