What is this Korean course?

This Korean course is for students who want to improve their Korean starting from the basics and move on to the advanced level. You will be taking: speaking, listening, reading, and writing classes with a focus on speaking. Under the guidance of a professional Korean teacher, you can effectively learn Korean. Classes run from 10 a.m to 1 p.m and there are no classes on Wednesdays. Afternoon classes are on Mondays and cultural activities are on Thursdays. Class sizes are generally small which means that you will be able to receive instant feedback from the teachers. Also, there is plenty of practice time for each student. Class duration arranges from 1 week to 52 weeks and in the afternoon there are various cultural activities to help you have a better time studying abroad in Korea.

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Course Length:
1 week ~ 52 week
Class Size
3~8people (Max 12)
Text Book
Seogang Text Book
Total Hours
12 hrs / pw
Beginner to Advacned
Starting Date
Every first Monday

Course Contents

Comprehensive Learning

Comprehensive Learning

This course includes: speaking, listening, reading and writing in a way that will improve your general Korean skills. Build strong basics and speak confidently in Korean.

Systematic and Exciting

Systematic & Exciting

This is a systematic course to have the students learn efficiently in a short period of time. There are various activities within the curriculum for the students to have an engaging learning experience.

Small Class Sizes

Our class sizes are small which allows the students to have enough practice time and receive more attention from the teachers.


Practical Lessons

Practical Lessons

This course teaches practical Korean expressions that are useful in real life situations. Learn to ask and answer questions that are suitable to daily life in Korea.

Expected Results From This Class

Gain confidence in use of Korean
Improve your pronunciation and fluency

Enhance your overall Korean skills
Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening

Understand Language & Culture
Learn beyond the language

Social Activity

Seoul Race

Visit famous places in Seoul while accomplishing exciting missions as a team.

Traditional Day

Experience Korean traditional culture! Try on traditional clothes and play traditional games.

Buddy Day

Great opportunity to make new Korean friends! Meet local people and hang out with them.

Study in cafe

Study in a cute cafe! Spend time with friends, have tasty drinks & have conversations.

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