Recruiting students for the “End of 2017” courses!

End of the year short term courses banner

Rolling Korea is recruiting students for our "End of the year short-term courses." Are you interested in making great memories by studying abroad in Seoul, Korea? Hongdae, Seoul where Rolling Korea is located, is a very popular location filled with youthful energy and the newest trends. Every morning, there are Korean classes and a lunch after. There are exciting cultural experience sessions in the afternoon which will be enough to make your year-end fulfilling. The registration process is easy so you can start studying abroad right away as long as you have a plane ticket. Plan ahead your year-end with Rolling Korea before it's too late!

Course Details

■ Korean Class: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00-12:50
■ Afternoon Class: Tuesday 14:00-14:50
■ Activities & Cultural Experience: Thursday 14:00~
■ <Special Events> Rolling Korea's New Years Party: December 29th, Friday night.
※  Anyone over 15 can apply.

Course Duration

■  1-Week Course: Dec.26.2017(Tues)~Dec.29.2017 (Fri) → Registration due date: Dec.22.2017 (Fri)
■  1-Week Course: 
Jan.2.2018 (Tues)~Jan.5.2018 (Fri) → Registration due date: Dec.29.2017 (Fri)
■  2-Week Course: Dec.26.2017 (Tues)~Jan.5.2018 (Fri) → Registration due date: Dec.22.2017 (Fri)
※   For details on courses and registration process, please visit our website.
※   Reserving accommodations may be difficult near the end of the year. Please apply as early as possible.

Admission Process

① Application sent  ▶  ② Application received  ▶  ③ Deposited tuition fee (※Completed registration)  ▶  ④ Orientation 

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