Private Course is for someone who wants to learn Korean/K-pop dancing/K-pop singing according to their schedules and paces. You can choose when to take lessons, what to learn, and how long to take the course.

On the first day of Private Korean Course, you take a Korean level test. Through the course, you learn a speaking focused comprehensive Korean language(speaking, listening, reading and writing). You can choose a specific topic(e.g., Korean business expressions, K-drama script) to learn. Experienced professional tutor guide you to be fluent in the Korean language.

For Private K-pop Course, you can choose what music you want to learn dancing and singing. We have a classroom with a side wall covered with mirrors for perfect K-pop practicing. Experienced professional singer and dancer teach you step-by-step.

Social programs and activities are not included.

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Course Length
1 week ~ 52 weeks
Class Size
3~8 people (Max 12)
Seo-gang Textbook
Total Hours
14 Korean lesson hours, 4 social programs and activities per week
Beginner to Advanced
Starting Date
Every Monday


Control your Private Korean Course schedule. Professional, experienced tutor teaches you how to be fluent in Korean fast and easy.

Anyone who wants to take the class
according to their own schedule.

Private course is perfect for those who want to focus on learning Korean fast and easy.

Anyone who wants to improve quickly
with intensive private lessons.

Set your own Private Course goal. Your will and our experience can make the goal come true.

Anyone who wants a curriculum
costumed to their own goals.


You can customize the class according to your goals such as improving speech, preparing for an interview, college admission, etc.

You learn how to speak, listen, read, and write with an emphasis on speaking. Practice is the key to fluent Korean.


The course includes: speaking, listening, reading and writing along with grammars and vocabulary. Build strong basics and become confident in using the Korean language.

It's okay that Korean you've learned come out wrong. Don't be shy about using Korean. Be fearless.


This course teaches practical Korean expressions that are useful in real-life situations. Learn to ask and answer questions that are suitable for daily life in Korea.

You can learn situational formal business Korean expressions.

Business Korean

You can learn work-related Korean words and gestures for the business. Deliver your message in formal sentences with Korean-accustomed gestures will please any Korean business partner or colleague you come across.

Learn Korean expressions in your favorite K-pop songs, TV series, movies, etc.

K-pop & K-drama Korean

Learn poetic Korean expressions on your favorite K-pop music. Unlike common words, each word of the lyric delivers a dense emotional message. Learn Korean idioms and expressions of Korean history TV series.


For fun or an audition, you can learn the choreographies of your favorite K-pop song.

Choose your favorite K-pop song that you want to learn dancing.

Choose your K-pop dance

If you want a specific K-pop song, you can consult with your instructor, or you can learn the recommended songs from the instructor.

Step-by-step K-pop dance instruction.

Step-by-step instruction

Professional instructors have taught students with a range of skills. Learn your favorite K-pop choreography according to your rhythm.

Let's film you dancing at Private Kpop Lesson

Making Videos

We shoot a video for an unforgettable memory. Dress up like an idol and give your best performance on the dance floor.


For fun or for an audition, you can learn your favorite K-pop songs according to your goal.

Choose your favorite K-pop song that you want to learn singing.

Choose your K-pop song

If you want a specific K-pop song, you can consult with your instructor or you can learn the recommended songs from the instructor.

Vocal training strengthens your vocal muscles for better performance.

Vocalization Training

Professional singer-songwriter/former idol teaches you how to sing your favorite K-pop properly. Through the lesson, you will strengthen vocal cord muscles for better performance.

Record and see the progress you make at Private K-pop Vocal Lesson.

Voice recording or video shooting

Record or shoot yourself singing regularly and see the progress you've made. Class after class, you'll see dramatic improvement.


※ Private Lessons are only available for 3 or more classes.
※ 2 or more people can also register for Private Lessons.
※ You can register for Private Lessons anytime. However, we will contact you about the available dates after receiving your application.
※ Group lessons for companies or tour groups are available as well.

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