Korean Language Speech – Yuka

첫 한국 생활

저는 3월 3일에 처음 한국에 왔습니다. 한국어를 못해서 많이 불안 했지만 그 기분 이상으로 설레었습니다. 교류회에도 참가하고 여러명 한국인하고 이야기 할 수도 있었고 에미리씨 시즈카씨 미호씨 나기사씨 하고 관광도 했습니다. 4월 2일은 여의도에 있는 공원에 가서 벚꽃을 봤어요. 오키나와에도 벚꽃은 있지만 많이 피는 곳은 없기 때문에 감동했습니다. 너무 아름다웠어요. 그리고 4월 9일은 나기사씨가 마지막 수업이어서 추억을 만들고 싶어서 4월 8일에 미호씨하고 나기사씨 하고 롯데월드에 갔습니다. 오랜만에 텐션이 오르고 많이 즐겼습니다. 밤 퍼레이드에 나온 남자가 멋있었어요. 다음은 에버랜드에 가보고 싶습니다. 그리고 4월 9일은 수업으로 전통문화체험을 했습니다. 종이접기로 한복을 만들거나 실제로 한복을 입거나 한국의 전통적 놀이를 했습니다. 한복을 입은 모두는 정말 귀여웠습니다. 한국에 여행으로 오면 할 수 있는 것이 아니기 때문에 좋은 경험이 됐습니다. 감사합니다. 저는 아직 나머지 2개월이 있으니까 한국어 공부를 열심히 하고 한국생활을 더 즐기려고 합니다.

My First Time in Korea

I first came to Korea on the 3rd of March to take Rolling Korea’s Korean language lessons. I have always wanted to learn Korean in Seoul. I was worried because I didn’t know how to speak, read nor write in Korean but I was more excited than worried. It was good because Rolling Korea had “Korean for beginners”. I participated in the language exchange session to practice the Korean language with native Koreans. It was a perfect chance to learn Korean fast and easy. I also went on a tour with my friends and ate Korean food. On April 2nd, I went to a park in Yeoido to look at the cherry blossoms. There are cherry blossoms in Okinawa but not as many as in Korea so I was very touched. It was a last day of class for one of my friend so with two other friends we went to Lotte World together on April 8th. A guy at the parade was really cute. It was really fun. I want to visit Everland next time. April 9th was the cultural experience day. We got to wear Hanbok and play traditional games. Everyone looked great. It’s not easy to experience these things if you just come to Korea to travel so it was an excellent day to truly experience the Korean culture. I still have 2 more months in Korea so I am going to study Korean more and enjoy my time left in Korea.


Our school has many different Korean language programs to suit your needs. We focus on Korean grammar, Korean vocabulary, conversations and many more. We also have fun courses like, KPOP dance class, and KPOP vocal class. If you have always wanted to learn KPOP dance styles, you will definitely enjoy studying at Rolling Korea.

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