Korean Language Speech – Thomas

저는 2월에 아침 고요 수목원에 갔어요. 이 공원은 밤에 예뻐요. 많은 색깔의 LED들이 있어요. 나는 이 곳을 정말 좋아해요. 저는 낙원상가에 갔어요. 이 곳은 큰 악기 시장이에요. 인사동 근처에 있어요. 어제 친구들을 만났어요. 우리는 한국식당에 갔어요. 육회를 먹었어요. 그리고 소맥을 마셨어요.

Life in Korea
In February, I went to the Garden of Morning Calm. This garden is very pretty at night. It has various colors of LED lights. I really like this place. I also went to the Nakwon Music Arcade. It’s a big musical instrument market near Insa-dong. Yesterday, I met up with my friends. We went to a Korean restaurant. We had “Yookhoe” (a beef tartare) and drank “Somac” (a mix of Soju and beer). I really enjoyed my time at Rolling Korea. It let me learn Korean language as well as experience the Korean culture.


We, Rolling Korea, have Korean language programs that help pursue their goals such as how to speak, read, and write Korean. You can learn Korean grammar and vocabulary in no time. Many students enjoy our KPOP dance class and the KPOP vocal class. It’s a great way to learn Korean fast and easy while having fun. Since we have different levels of classes, there are lessons that teach Korean for beginners. With Rolling Korea, learn Korean in Korea!

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