Korean Language Speech – Sébastien

10월에 뭐했어?
10월에 롤링코리아에서 공부했어요. 매일 일찍 일어났는데 재미있게 공부했어요. 처음에 KPOP 춤 수업을 다녔어요. 현아의 “Babe” 춤을 배웠어요. 저는 섹시한 여자가 됐어요. 근데 오랫동안 운동 안 해서 죽을 것 같았어요. 그리고 “비빔밥 Race” 를 했어요. 3시간 동안 달렸어요. 야채를 사고 비빔밥을 만들었어요. 맵긴 했지만 맛있었어요. “삼겹살 Race” 기다릴 거예요! 롤링코리아 학원을 좋아해요! 선생님들이 나를 돌보았어요. 너무 고맙습니다!  다시 시간이 있으면 롤링코리아에 갈 거예요!

What did I do in October?
I started taking Korean language classes, at Rolling Korea in October. I had to wake up early in the morning but I still had fun learning Korean in Korea and the K-POP courses. First, I took the K-POP Dance lessons. I learned the dance “Babe” by Hyun-Ah. I became a “sexy-woman” but had a hard time because I was so out of shape. Also, I did the “Bibimbap (Korean food) Race” My teammates and I ran for nearly 3 hours. We bought vegetables and made “Bibimbap”. It was spicy but tasty. I will be waiting for a “Samgyupsal Race”. I love Rolling Korea and the Korean culture. The teachers took care of me so well. Thank you so much! If I have another chance, I will take Korean language programs at Rolling Korea again!

Our Korean language programs provide a great chance to learn Korean fast and easy which will teach you how to speak, read, and write Korean. This is also applied to Korean for beginners. It is also suitable for students who wish to experience the Korean culture through the Korean language, K-POP, or even Korean food!

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