Korean Language Speech – Morgan


여러분 안녕하십니까? 저는 프랑스에서 온 23살 상남자 김지민입니다. 저는 한국에서 맛있는 음식 많이 먹고 진짜 좋았어요. 그 음식을 좀 소개할게요. 저는 여자친구랑 광장시장에서 순대하고 부침개를 먹었어요. 순대는 프랑스 음식이랑 조금 비슷해요. 순대를 소금이랑 같이 먹으면 정말 맛있고 많이 먹을 수 있어요. 부침개는 레알 밥 도둑이에요. 파전 느낌이 있고 야채가 있으니까 건강해지는 느낌이에요. 한국에서 치맥 안 먹으면 진짜 한국 분위기를 느낄 수 없어요. 작년에 한국친구랑 한강 앞에서 치맥 먹고 불꽃놀이를 봤어요. 진짜 아름답고 좋은 기억이에요. 한국에서 저는 새로운 스타일 음식 먹고싶어요. 홍대에서 레고 버거 식당을 찾았어요. 맛은 조금 이상하지만 컨셉이 좋았어요. 저는 매운 음식 잘 안 먹지만 맛있어요. 그래서 한국음식이 좋아요.


Korean Food

Hello everyone, my name is Morgan from France. I’m 23 years old. I came to Korea to learn the Korean language and experience Korean culture. I was able to learn Korean fast and easy through Rolling Korea’s Korean language programs. I got to try a lot of tasty Korean food. I’ll introduce a few of them. I went to the Gwangjang market with my girlfriend and had Soondae with Buchimgae. Soondae is quite similar with a French dish. Soondae tastes better with salt and Buchimgae is truly amazing. It’s like Pajeon with more vegetables. It makes me feel healthier. Thanks to the Korean language lessons, I knew how to speak Korean with the people at the market. You cannot say that you’ve experienced Korea without trying “Chimaek” (a combination of Korean fried chicken and beer). Last year, I had “Chimaek” while watching the fireworks at Han River with my Korean friend. It is such a beautiful memory. I want to try different styles of Korean food and practice more of my Korean grammar skills at different restaurants. I found a “Lego Burger” restaurant in Hongdae. It tasted funny but I really liked the idea. I don’t usually have spicy food but Korean food is really good. That’s why I like it so much. I think it’s great that I can learn Korean in Seoul because I have easy access to any food I want. It’s also a perfect location to practice Korean for beginners.


Our school offers not only Korean language classes, but also KPOP dance classes. In Korean language lessons, you will be able to learn how to speak, write, and read Korean as well as Korean grammar and Korean vocabulary.

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