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Rolling Korea is an industry leading Korean language school for foreigners in a vibrant district of Seoul, Hong-dae. With years of experience, we present effective ways to learn Korean for students. Not only we run  Korean courses, but also K-pop course as well. Addition to that, we offer various activities to learn Korean beyond the textbook. Learning Korean is challenging, but with your determined will and our consistent guidance, we'll reach the goal.

We have been in the business since 2012 starting small, and we recently moved to a much bigger facility thanks to your support. We will stay humble reminding old days and keep focusing on your successful Korean and K-pop learning as if you're the first and the last student.

Take a look around our website and ask us anything via Inquiries or by email, help@rollingkorea.com

Recommended Korean Language Courses

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Regular Korean Course

It is a course for those who want to improve their Korean language from the basic and move on to the advanced level. You take a comprehensive Korean language class, focused on speaking. Through the course, you learn practical Korean expressions that are useful in real life situations. With visual aids and games, students can learn complex grammars and vocabulary easy. Learning Korean continues after the class. Afternoon social programs and activities are a perfect time to practice Korean while knowing general Korean history and society.

Intensive Korean Course

It is Rolling Korea’s signature course for students who want to learn rich Korean expressions and vocabulary. In the morning, you take a comprehensive and practical Regular Korean Course, and an in-depth Korean lesson in the afternoon. Numbers of vocabulary and dialect increase as the class goes on. Learning Korean doesn't stop after the class. Social programs and activities in the afternoon give you a chance to practice Korean while understanding the general Korean history and society.

First Comer Package

It is a popular package for guardians worrying about their child's safety on studying abroad, and for those who are anxious to visit Korea for the first time. It includes a course you would like to take, ROKO House accommodation, airport pick-up service, and general support service. The school and ROKO House are 10 min walk away in a safe neighborhood. We respond to your need as soon as possible via phone and instant chat support service. Worry less and have a great time studying Korean in Rolling Korea.

Event for Students

Students participated in long-term program showed the greatest improvement. With your will and our consistent guidance, learning Korean becomes easy!

Long-Term Study Program

Don’t miss the event if you are planning to learn Korean for a long-term (3 months or more). It includes tuition discount, scholarship, support service and more.

Learning a new language is not easy. Without both determined will and consistent guide, you could lose fluency in Korean. Students who have studied for a long-term showed the greatest fluency and confidence in the Korean language.

Check for more detailed information about the event.

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Accommodations (Hong-dae, Seoul)

For your successful stay we have hand picked accommodations.

ROKO House No.1 is nearby the school with easy access to the public transport. Learn Korean and K-pop in safe environment and enjoy living in Hong-dae, where the city doesn't sleep!
ROKO House #1

Designated share apartment with a classy design. 5 min walk away from the school. Quiet neighborhood. Easy access to major public transportations.
Private bedroom: 2 / Twin Bedroom: 1

ROKO House No.2 is focused on community. Learn Korean and K-pop hard in day time and enjoy night time of Hong-dae.
ROKO House #2

Designated share apartment with a classy design. 5 min walk away from the school. Quiet neighborhood. Easy access to major public transportations.
Twin bedroom: 2 / Triple bedroom: 1

Small studio for private person. Learn Korean and K-pop hard in school and enjoy the hip trend of Hong-dae!
Gositel (small studio)

Compact private room. 5 min walk from the school. Kitchen and Laundry are shared with others.

Guest house is where you can meet all kinds of people. Learn Korean and K-pop hard in day time and enjoy night time of Hong-dae where the city doesn't sleep!
Guest House

One bedroom type guest house. 10 min walk from the school. Kitchen and Laundry are shared.

Student Testimonial


Oe Mitsuki

“Every instructor in Rolling Korea is so kind and teach everything easy to understand. I had a nice time in Rolling Korea making many friends and studying with them. If you plan to study in Korea, come to Rolling Korea! And Jun Mi teacher, you are so pretty!”

Mannien Marijn

“I had such a nice time past month learning Korean in Rolling Korea. I liked the classes too but especially, I loved the afternoon activities. My favorite was the mission challenge in Times Square.”

Athalane Perrot

“I was very impressed by supportive and hardworking instructors. I could start the day with more enthusiasm with the help of my Korean instructors. I was so surprised how talented and pretty my vocal instructor was! Thank you very much for the great memories.”

Kenza Zola

“My favorite thing was the class with fewer students. I also loved all the activities and having lunch with my instructors. It was such as friendly environment and it was very helpful for studying.”

Han Ga Ram

“I could study comfortably with the systematic lessons and easy explanations. Learning grammars can be hard for foreign students but I thought it was very helpful to learn with examples.”

Aigul Busyrova

“I had a fun time with many friends in my age. I could learn a lot of Korean with the help of the passionate teachers. I also had to take quizzes regularly which helped me stay focused.”


Daily life of Rolling Korea

Rolling Korea

Our students having Bulgogi together!

Rolling Korea

Sundubu-jjigae for Lunch!

Rolling Korea

Chimaek in Yeonnam-dong!

Rolling Korea

2018 Seoul Times Square Race

Rolling Korea

2018 June Orientation & First Day Tour

Rolling Korea

Ice cream

Latest news of Rolling Korea

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2018 Long-Term Study Program

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2018 Rolling Korea Summer Camp

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Rolling Korea is Moving!

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We are going on a break!

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