What is this course?

This is a week-long course that is available for 1-3 weeks. You will be talking speaking, listening, reading and writing classes in the morning and there will be special afternoon actives in the afternoon. This course is perfect for people who don’t have flexible schedules because of school or work. It opens every Monday and you can start anytime at your convenience. You will have a great time studying Korean and having various activities.

※ The Korean lessons and afternoon classes are the same as the weekly course.
※ If you don’t know any Korean, we recommend you to take this course in the beginning of the month.

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Course Length
: 1week~3weeks
Class Size
: 3~8 people(Max 12)
Text Book
: Seogang Korean
Total Hours
: 15hrs / week
: Beginners to Advanced
Starting Date
: Every Monday
: None

What specialties are in this course?

A Perfect course that combines
Korean lessons and fun activities

From reading Korean to advanced level
Systematic curriculum

Small number of students in one class
More speaking opportunities

More fun and more effective learning Korean

Fun and exciting classes bring up your Korean skills dramatically
You will be very satisfied with various lesson contents and cultural experiences every month

Easy to learn for the beginners
Anyone can learn Korean easily with us

Practice speaking Korean paling games and role-plays
You can learn conversations in real life situations

Fun and special afternoon classes like pronunciation training, Learning Korean songs, etc.
Improve Korean and have fun with Rolling Korea’s special lessons

Exciting activities every Thursday outside the classroom
Cafe Korean, Seoul Race, watching K-POP performances, Korean Buddy Day, etc.

This course is recommended for people who…

Are learning Korean for the first time
or want to learn from the Korean alphabets

Want a systematic learning experience
from the beginning to the advanced study

Want to enjoy fun time studying in Korea
with special curriculum every month

Have some great food and play exciting games 
Extra activities will support you to learn faster

Seoul Race

This is not a regular tour!
Learn Korean and have fun
Playing exciting missions
while visiting famous places

Traditional Day

Let’s experience Korean traditional culture! Have a special time trying on the traditional clothes and playing traditional games.

Korean Buddy Day

Great opportunity to make some Korean friends! Make some friends having conversations and playing games together

Get out of the classroom and study in a cute cafe!

Spend time with friends having tasty drinks talking about anything you want

Click here for more information about the activities.           Learn More

Afternoon Special Classes

Rolling Korea’s unique classes where you can improve your speaking and learn useful expressions in real life.

Pronunciation Training

You can effectively learn the difficult pronunciations. We will focus on the difficult and confusing Korean pronunciations with special practices so you can learn more easily. Be confident speaking Korean with this class!

Real life conversations

A mandatory speaking class where you’ll learn how to speak in real life situations. You will be learning useful expressions for shopping, going to the public service offices, using public transportation, etc. We will be playing games and use special textbooks so you can have a more effective learning experience.

Learn Korean singing K-POP songs

This is a special class where you learn Korean with the latest K-POP songs. Everyone can learn Korean in a more exciting way. You will have memorable classes learning the popular sayings or lyrics that are not in textbooks and watching K-POP music videos.

Learn Korean watching TV

In this course, we will learn Korean watching Korean TV series. There are so many useful real life conversations in TV episodes. We will learn more natural conversations that are very close to real life repeating after the actors in the show.

What's included in this course?


Regular Classes

4 times a week 10:00~12:50
Speaking, listening, reading, writing, etc.
Combination Korean lessons

Afternoon Special Classes

Once a week 14:00~14:50
Pronunciation training, Real life conversations,
Singing lesson, TV series Korean lesson

Cultural experiences

Once a week 14:00~15:50
Korean Buddy Day, Traditional Day,
Seoul Race, etc


The day before the class start - the day after the last class
Clean and safe
Housing facilities

Airport Pick-up

One time service when entering Korea
From the airport to check-in at your room
A service for your safe first day

Support Service

During your entire stay
Social media emergency contact,
Tour information, emergency assistance

★ A special benefit for the students who register now!
We are giving away free tickets toM.net M countdown where you can see K-POP stars in person

※ Every month we have a limited number of the free tickets, so please understand that the tickets might run out at the end of the month.

! Please read the following contents carefully before applying!

※  Let us know your level of Korean on the first day of the class.
※  You can apply for the classes only without the housing option. Please contact us for more information.
※  Mnet M Countdown can be canceled unexpectedly due to the station’s situation. In that case, the event will be replaced with another cultural activity.
※  If there are less than 3 people in a class, the class can be shortened.
※  The activities above are examples and they could be different every month.
※  The schedule and contents above can be changed due to unexpected situations.
※  You must be 15 or older to apply for the courses.