Support Service for more safe stay in Korea

We are proud of Rolling Korea’s support service that guarantees a safe and reliable stay for everyone. Anyone can start their adventure in Korea easily with just the plane tickets and our support service. Our advisors pay close attention to the individual students and listen to their requests carefully to provide the most satisfying experiences. Worry less and concentrate learning Korean!

  • Housing

Personally picked housing facilities for the students to have more safe and comfortable stays. Rolling Korea’s own shared-house is the most popular option and many students who are staying abroad for the first time say it helps them to be less nervous. We respond to any complains or inconveniences right away so our students can have a better experience from day one to the end.

  • Airport Pick-up

When you arrive in Korea, one of our staff will pick you up at the airport. We will help you from the airport to check-in to your room. You can also apply for the airport drop-off service.

  • One-on-one Care System

Everyone will be assigned to an advisor for the one-on-one care system for the better stay in Korea. We check every day for anyone who is having a hard time with learning Korean or with anything else.

We have much more services for students and we hope you have a more exciting and comfortable time in Korea.

Messenger Contacts

We use messengers to contact students more quickly. You can contact us with any questions or requests through the messenger even after class.

Pocket WiFi Rent

We are renting some pocket WiFi. With pocket WiFi, you can have internet accesses anywhere even outside the institution or the house.

Alien Registration

We help you with the Alien Registration process that can be complicated. We will prepare the documents together and you will be assisted until you get the alien registration card.

Tour Information

Do you want to get more touring information? Rolling Korea’s instructors can give you recommendations for restaurants or places to go. If you need anything else, just ask the front desk.

Opening Bank Account

We will assist you to get the bank account in Korea by helping you to gather the required documents.

Getting a Cellphone

If you want to buy a cellphone in Korea, our staff will escort you to the store and help you with the entire process. You can choose a plan that is suitable for you.

free Hongdae Tour for ROKO House Residents

On your first day in ROKO House, we will give a free Hongdae tour. You’ll get to know where are the good restaurants and shops near the house, so you can start your study in Korea safer and conveniently.
※ Free Hongdae tour is only for ROKO House residents
※ If you choose to stay at somewhere else, there will be an extra fee for Hongdae tour.

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