Registration Process

With simple paper works and process, anyone can register and start studying in Korea right away.

  • All the announcements and registration progress will be sent to the student’s email.
  • There will be an orientation and a level test on the first day of class.
  • Required Documents: Rolling Korea's application form and a copy of passport.


Apply online on the Rolling Korea's website. An email will be sent within 1-2 days after the application is received. You can also visit us in person to apply.

Required Documents: The application form and a copy of passport


Please make your payment after you receive the tuition invoice from Rolling Korea. Payments can be made either by wire transfer or in person. After we receive your payment, we will send you the receipt via email.


Arrive in Korea and check-in to your room the day before the first day of class.


At the beginning of the first day, there will be an orientation and a one-on-one level test. After the test, you will be assigned to a class.

How to apply

How to Pay Tuition

  • After applying, make your payment for the tuition and the registration fee to complete your registration. Registration fee is only for the first time of the registration.
  • Payment should be in Korean Won(KRW currency) and you could pay with the credit card(There will be a 10% tax for credit card payment).
  • If you pay by wire transfer, the payment could be in Dollar or Yen.
  • With the wire transfer, it takes about 3-5 business days until the payment is received in Korea.
  • Please include wire transfer fees for both the sender and the receiver in your payment.


Most students use wire transfer to pay tuition. In this case, please use the following bank information. Dollar and Yen are acceptable.

  • Bank: Citi Bank (Seogyo Branch)
  • Routing Number: 153-00996- 245-01
  • Make Payable to: JAE JUN YEON (ROLLING KOREA)
  • Bank Address: 111 Yanghwa-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Bank Phone Number: +82+2-338-4800
  • Swift Code: CITIKRSX


You can make payment in person or have a friend or family visit. If you want to pay in a person, please make an appointment before your visit.


Pay with online banking. We recommend it since there is less transaction fee.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • 8 weeks before the first class: Tuition and housing fee is 100% refundable. (There might be a cancellation fee for housing depending on the place.)
  • 6 weeks before the first class: 100% of the tuition is refundable. (Housing fee is not refundable.)
  • 4 weeks before the first class: 70% of the tuition is refundable. (Housing fee is not refundable.)
  • 2 weeks before the first class: 50% of the tuition is refundable. (Housing fee is not refundable.)
  • From 12 days before the first class: Not refundable

– Registration fee is not refundable.
– If you applied for the housing as well, housing fee is 100% refundable until 3 weeks before the first class. After that, it is not refundable and no changes can be made.
– If you paid with credit card, the 10% credit card transaction fee is excluded from the amount that is refundable.
– If you paid with bank account transaction, we'll refund excluding transaction fee.
– If you applied through an agency or other institutions, you could not make changes or get refunds on your own.
– You could postpone the start day to a maximum of 3 months later. The decision has to be made 2 weeks before the first day the latest and only can be done once. You might not be able to postpone the housing schedule.
– The same policies are applied to the Personal Tutoring.
– The used textbook can’t be refunded.
– If you registered for a special event or campaign, please follow the other party’s rule.

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