What is this course?

Be a star! This is a K-POP dance lesson where you can learn K-POP choreographies. Professional instructors lead the classes and even if you are a beginner, you can follow the class easily. We will complete a choreography starting from warm-ups and moving on to learning the basic moves. You will be able to dance like your favorite K-POP star and it will be a satisfying experience!

※ You cannot register just for the K-POP dance or vocal lessons. You can register either for the regular K-POP course or the weekly K-POP course.

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Course Length
1week and more
Class Size
3~8People (Max 12)
Total Hours
2hours / week
Beginners to Advanced
Starting Date
Every Monday

What is special about this course?

Maintain the "fun" in studying
by learning Korean and K-POP together

Learn K-POP dances
with professional instructors

Beginner to Advanced 
systematic process

Intensive K-POP Dance Lessons

Bring up your energy with the exciting dance lessons
K-POP Dance Lessons from a Professional Dancer

Learn the latest K-POP dance
Learn 2-4 choreographies of the latest K-POP songs every month

Even if you are a beginner, anyone who are interested can join
It is easy to learn even for beginners with no experience.

Systematic Process
Systematic curriculum from warm-ups to basic skills

Safe and Convenient Lessons
These lessons are Rolling Korea’s own classes, and it is suitable for foreign students.

Who is recommended for this course?

Anyone who wants to
learn K-POP dances for fun

Anyone who wants to
prepare for an audition

Anyone who wants to
make one's afternoon special

Expand your experience with K-POP Lesson


  • Twice a week, 90 minutes per lesson taught by a professional dancer
  • Practice 2-4 recent K-POP songs every month
  • Beginners can learn easily
  • Intensive curriculum starting from warm-ups


  • Twice a week, 60 minutes per lesson taught by a professional singer
  • Learn both chorus and solo songs
  • Beginners can learn easily
  • Pronunciation training when learning the lyrics

From the basics to complete choreography!
Fun and exciting K-POP lessons

Warm up / Stretching

Before the actual dance training we will be doing some warm ups and stretching to release tensions from the body.

Learning the basic moves

After introducing a song we will be learning each and every move.

Combination Practice

Practice all the moves you’ve learned with a music as a final combination.

Practice in teams

After learning the assigned parts, practice as a team. You will have a photo shoot on the last day.

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! Please read the following contents carefully before applying!

※  K-POP dance and vocal lessons are not available for separate registration. You can only register with the regular courses.
※  You can join us even if you have no experience in dance and vocal training.
※  If there are less than 2 people in a class, the classes can be shortened.
※  The schedule and contents above can be changed due to unexpected situations.
※  You must be 15 or older to apply for the courses.