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Start your long-term study with Rolling Korea!
Long-term Students Program - April 2018

If you are thinking about staying in Korea to study for more than 3 months, don’t miss out on this program! There are many advantages such as tuition discounts, special grants, support services, etc. In this program, there are many students who are staying for 6-12 months. We will provide assistance for important necessities such as getting the Alien Registration card and opening a Korean bank account. Start your long-term study with Rolling Korea today.

※ Qualification: Students who start the course in April 2018
※ Dates: Registration is open until January 26th, 2018.

Special Benefits For You

From registration to housing,
All-in-one study course

Grants every month
Up to ₩500,000

Tuition discount every month
up to ₩400,000 off

With our long-term study program, you can be prepared from start to end!

Tuition discount and grants

When you apply for the program, you will receive tuition discounts and grants. It is great for more affordable long-term study.

Free registration and textbook

These are the advantages for our long-term students. The registration fee will be waived (for 6 months +) and textbooks are free (for a year).

Housing for a comfortable stay

We have housing options that can help you have a comfortable stay during your long-term study. We also provide one-on-one assistance service during your stay and we can respond quickly to any possible issues you might have.

Watch M.net M Countdown

One free ticket for M.net M Countdown will be given. We hope your long-term study will be more exciting!

※ Students who are registered for this program will be qualified for all the advantages if they meet the scholarship standards.
※ If you are unable to start in April 2018 but would like to enroll in the long-term program, please contact us.
※ The special services differ for the different lengths of stay. Please contact us for more details.
※ The deadline for this program is January 26, 2018.

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