Event one

Learning a new language is not easy. Without both determined will and steady guidance, you can lose the touch of the language. Students who have studied for a long-term showed the greatest improvement and confidence in using Korean. For this reason, we have prepared the long-term event.

Long-term Event
Whoever study 3 or more months in Rolling Korea can get varied long-term event discounts. Furthermore, we give grants up to ₩500,000 and tuition discount every month up to ₩400,000 off. Leave an inquiry for more information about the event.


A to Z support service

Tuition discount and grants

When you apply for the program, you will receive tuition discounts and grants.

Free registration fee and textbook

The registration fee will be waived(for 6 months+) and textbooks are free(for a year).

One-on-one support service

We will accompany and assist you when you need to go to a public office or when you need a visit to a hospital.

Free ticket to SBS The Show

We offer you a ticket to famous live K-pop TV show. Have an unforgettable memory while you stay in Korea.

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