Professional Instructors

We introduce our team of professional instructors! We are here to help our students from all over the world to have the best time studying in Korea.

Even if you haven’t been to Korea before, don’t worry! We have years of experience and our experts will have you learn Korean quickly.

"Our students are very passionate, and we dedicate to present perfect classes. With textbooks and many activities, we help our students to have an effective learning Korean experience."

Rolling Korea's Instructors

Korean Class Instructor

Kim, Yunha

"We do our best to help foreigners easily learn the basics of Korean language. If you want to build a solid foundation in Korean, register in Rolling Korea."


Korean Class Instructor

Choi, Youngju

"If you want a more dynamic Korean lesson, join my class! My goal is to establish an active communication with students with passionate teaching method."


Korean Class Instructor

Ahn, Hyejin

"I believe a friendly environment is one of the effective for learning Korean. I would love to help students and answer their questions like a good friend!


Korean Class Instructor

Kwon, Hyunji

"Haven't you ever learned Korean before? Don't worry! With our school's systematic methods, students can learn Korean easily in a standard and an official way."


Top 3 Values for Students Picked from Rolling Korea’s Instructors

Professional Lessons

All teachers in Rolling Korea have certificates and most have master degrees. Our instructors prepare for the strategy that is the best for each lesson’s learning outcomes.

Communications with Students

We try our best to communicate actively with our students. We spend time with students even outside the classroom having meals together, building friendship while having a lot of conversations.

Entertaining Teaching Style

We advise our students to have a fun time even when we are learning difficult grammars. We have many creative contents such as role-playing and games which will help students to use what they’ve learned in classes.

Communicate closely with students
With detailed supervision

-Rolling Korea Instructors-

K-POP Vocal & Dance Trainers

K-POP Vocal Trainer Song-i

Come and learn the latest K-POP songs in my vocal class! We will learn K-POP’s unique vocalizations and pronunciations in a fun and easy way. Don’t hesitate and join me to challenge yourself.

  • Current vocal trainer at Rolling Korea
  • Active member of a K-POP group “Billion”
  • In chorus for K-POP singer “IU”
  • Featuring in the band “호조’s” album
  • Released an album “Remove Before Flight”

K-POP Dance Instructor Kim, Youngju

Have you ever wanted to become a K-POP star? Then, join me in my dance class right now! We will be learning the most popular K-POP groups’ choreographies. We’ll also be taking videos and pictures to keep these unforgettable memories.

  • Licensed street dance (B-boying) Instructor
  • Professional K-POP dance trainer
  • Rolling Korea’s head instructor

K-POP Dance Instructor Kacey

Anyone who loves K-POP can join me in my class! We will be learning famous K-POP groups' choreographies.

  • Background dancer for K-POP group “EXCITE”
  • Background dancer for “Sang A Lim & Dynamic Duo” collaboration in SBS “SOMESING”
  • Participated in JYP’s “LIKE THIS” flash mop

Intensive trainings for famous K-POP groups’ choreographies

-Rolling Korea’s Dance Instructors -