The multi-purpose facility

Rolling Korea presents a comfortable space to students for Korean lessons and the activities. There are regular sized classrooms, a large classroom, and a lobby.
Enjoy your Korean classes and activities in the comfortable facility of Rolling Korea!

Various Classrooms

There are spaces for many activities and you can even stay after classes if you need to study a little more.

Dance Studio

One of the walls in this room is entirely covered with mirror. It is perfect for dance practices. You can enjoy the view of Hongdae and many students stay late to practice K-POP dance even after the lessons.

Simple Drinks

We have free drinks for students like coffee and tea. Enjoy your classes with some refreshments!

Pleasant Environment

Different types of classes

Free Wi-Fi

Books and Magazines

Free coffee and tea


Copy machine

Pleasant Environment

Rolling Korea’s facility supports students to have the most efficient educational experiences. The classrooms are designed for easy communications between the instructors and the students. We encourage students to stay after the classes to study on their own. We also have many devices students can use such as laptop computers and projectors.

  • You can stay after class for more time to study Korean
  • Free WiFi
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Any information available
  • You can use computers and white boards in classrooms
  • Always ask any questions to our advisor
  • Rolling Korea’s students are always welcome to stay after classes to study Korean, practice K-POP dance or vocals!

Lecture Room

Dance Studio

Vocal Room

Large classroom for various purposes.

We have a large classroom where students can learn Korean language classes, cultural experiences, and dance classes. Students can study in an atmosphere where Hongdae scenery spreads out of the window.