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Rolling Korea was founded in 2012 to teach Korean to foreigners professionally. Since then, we have been developing unique educational contents and activities to provide the best experience for the students. Not only we concentrate on language education but also we help our students to have broader understandings of Korea.

Our curriculum makes studying Korean enjoyable and helps students to pursue a successful learning experience in Korea. Our goal is to maintain students’ desire to become experts in Korean. With our comfortable facilities and staff, we guarantee a successful learning experience.

Unique Curriculum

We provide professional Korean lessons that motivate our students to improve their outcomes.

Intensive Korean Course

Systematic and comprehensive. Learn Korean fast and easy with professional teachers. 

New-Comer Package Course

For those who are visiting Korea for the first time. All-in-one with accommodations.

Various Afternoon Activities

Korean Buddy Day, Traditional Day, Seoul Race, Cooking Class, K-POP Dance & Vocal etc.

TOPIK & University Preparation

For those who needs Korean level certificate to enter Universities or for their career.

Korean Education for Large Enterprises

Rolling Korea has been in charge of teaching Korean to industry leading corporate. 

Why Choose Rolling Korea?

Professional Instructors
All language courses are taught by professional Korean instructors who have certificates. Rolling Korea’s goal is to provide easy, yet effective Korean classes.

Intensive Korean Classes
Our biggest strength is the curriculum where even the most complicated grammars can be taught with a simple method that works for everyone.

Various Activities and Cultural Experiences
Your stay can be more delightful with Rolling Korea’s fun activities! Study Korean in Korea with various activities.

Friendly and Caring Atmosphere
Coming to Korea on your own might feel intimidating, but Rolling Korea’s friendly staffs will help you have an enjoyable time during your stay.

Services for Stable and Convenient Stay
Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Korea. We provide services that can help anyone who wants to study in Korea. Students have been very satisfied with our services such as Rolling Korea’s designated housing, ROKO House, airport pick-up service, and financial aids.

Vocal and Dance Lessons in the Afternoon
Our brother company RK Entertainment provides dance and vocal classes for our students. If you are a big fan of K-POP these courses will definitely suit you.

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HISTORY since 2012

2012  Rolling Korea, a Korean language institution, was founded. Korea’s first “Edutainment course”, which combines K-POP and Korean TV series with the language and       vocal/dance lessons, was introduced.

2013  Relocated to the current headquarter in Seogyo Dong, Seoul. Broadcasted in KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) TV program, “열정시대”

2014  Featured in『Hong-Kong U magazine』about our K-POP Korean Dance & Vocal classes. VisitSeoul(Official site owned by the Korean Government) selected Rolling       Korea as 『Comprehensive culture center』

2015  Korean Broadcasting System program called 『The morning』introduced about us. Rolling Korea was in charge of organizing the Summer School Dance Festival for       Korea University.

2016  Started to provide special benefits to long-term study students. Rolling Korea organized many team building sessions for multinational corporations

2017  Various activities are added to courses to stimulate student's learning curve. With us, you can learn Korean easy and fast.