Korean and K-pop Course suit those who want to learn Korean and enjoy K-pop at the same time. You attend Regular Korean Course in the morning and dance & vocal training in the afternoon. In Regular Korean Course, you learn a comprehensive Korean language - speaking, listening, reading and writing. In the afternoon at K-pop vocal lesson, a professional singer-songwriter/former idol teaches you how to pronounciate and sing a K-pop song. K-pop dance class is full of energy. After stretching your body, professional dance instructors teaches each moves step-by-step. After the course taken, you'll gain confidence in Korean and K-pop singing & dancing.

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Course Length
1 month and more
Class Size
3~8 people (Max 12)
Seo-gang Textbook
Total Hours
60 hrs/month + K-pop dance & vocal
Beginner to Advacned
Starting Date
Every first Monday
Based on a performance


Comprehensive and practical Regular Korean Course gives you confidence in using Korean language.

Gain confidence in the use of Korean
Improve your pronunciation and fluency

Learning K-pop has never been this easy. Learn K-pop step-by-step from professional instructors.

Learning K-pop has never been this easy
Step-by-step easy to follow instruction

Learn more than Korean language. Through activities you learn general aspect of Korea.

Understand Language & Culture
Learn beyond the language

Put your Korean to the test through skits and games with friends. Learn Korean and K-pop from the best at Seoul.

Classes that bring up your Korean skills
Various lesson contents and cultural experiences every month.

Entertainment courses
Afternoon Dance/Vocal lessons.

Easy to learn for beginners
Anyone can learn easily with us.

Afternoon classes for all students
Intensive training continues after class as well.

Activities every Thursday outside the classroom
Cafe Korean, Seoul Race, Concert, Korean Buddy Day, etc.

Test every 2 weeks / Speaking and Writing Test
Check your progress every two weeks with feedback.

We recommend the course for those who...

Beginner friendly step-by-step instruction. Learn Korean and K-pop from the best at Seoul.

Are learning Korean for the first time
or wants to start from the Korean alphabet

K-pop is a world trend. Learn how to sing and dance your favorite K-pop from professionals.

Anyone who wants to learn Korean
and K-POP dance/vocal

We teaches more than Korean and K-pop. Know Korea better from exciting activities.

Anyone who wants to spend time in the afternoon
for special activities

Turn up the volume and learn how to dance to your favorite K-pop song!


  • Twice a week, 90 minutes per lesson, taught by a professional
  • Practice 2-4 recent K-POP songs every month
  • Beginners can learn easily
  • Intensive curriculum starting from warm-ups
Learn which part of vocal cord muscle to use to make perfect pronunciation in K-pop vocal class in Seoul.


  • Twice a week, 60 minutes per lesson, taught by a professional
  • Learn both chorus and solo songs
  • Beginners can learn easily
  • Pronunciation training when learning the lyrics


One of the most famous activities of Rolling Korea. Goal driven activity forces you to speak Korean!
Seoul Race

Visit famous places in Seoul while accomplishing exciting missions as a team.

Try traditional Korean cloths and play traditional games. You'll love it.
Traditional Day

Experience Korean traditional culture! Try on traditional clothes and play traditional games.

Making native Korean friends is one of the ways to practice your Korean. Let's meet Koreans around your age and become friends.
Buddy Day

Great opportunity to make new Korean friends! Meet local people and hang out with them.

Seoul is a heaven of cafe. You wouldn't believe how many different kinds of cafe are out there. Learn Korean in cute cafe with exotic beverages.
Study in cafe

Study in a cute cafe! Spend time with friends, have tasty drinks & have conversations.

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