It is an evening course that runs for two hours every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. In this course you take speaking, listening, reading, and writing classes with a focus on speaking to build strong Korean language foundation and move on to advanced level. Since class sizes are generally small, you get consistent feedback from the instructors and plenty of time to practice.

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Course Length
4 weeks (one month)
Class Size
3~8 people (Max 12)
Seo-gang Textbook
Total Hours
4 hours per week
Beginner to Advanced
Starting Date
Every first Tuesday of the month
No included

Course contents

You learn to speak, to listen, to read, and to write with an emphasis on speaking. Practice is the key for fluency of Korean.

This course includes: speaking, listening, reading and writing in a way that will improve your general Korean skills. Build strong basics and speak confidently in Korean.

With skits and game, learning Korean language becomes easy to understand and exciting.
Systematic & Exciting

This is a systematic course to have the students learn efficiently in times. There are various activities within the curriculum for the students to have an engaging learning experience.

We aim small class size because your question matters. We don't want to put words into your mouth. Be curious about learning Korean language.
Small Class Sizes

Size of classes are small which allows the students to have enough practice time and receive consistent feedback from the teachers.

It's okay that Korean you've learned come out wrong. Don't be shy using Korean. Be fearless.

This course teaches practical Korean expressions that are useful in real life situations. Learn to ask and answer questions that are suitable for daily life in Korea.

Expected Results From This Class

Build strong Korean language foundation and gain confidence.

Gain confidence in the use of Korean
Improve your pronunciation and fluency

Taking regular Korean course improves all aspect of Korean language.

Enhance your overall Korean skills
Speaking, Writing, Reading & Listening

Learn historical background of Korean language, Hangul. Time travel through ups and downs of Hangul.

Understand Language & Culture
Learn beyond the language