Learn Korean language @RollingKorea Korean language school 2018 July Social Programs & Activities Time Table


Activities have been a core program since the beginning of Rolling Korea. Due to student's high demand for more exciting games, we decided to separate teamwork oriented activities as Thursday Activities. It needs consistent communication and interaction with teammates to win.

  • Fire noodle challenge - Eat fire noodle as fast as you can, as much as you can.
  • Seoul Race - Overcome series of obstacles with teammates and Korean skills.
  • Traditional Day - Try Korean traditional clothes and games.
  • Buddy Day - Make Korean friends w similar ages and interest.
  • Study in Cafe - Visit exotic cafe and have fun time with friends.

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Activities above are examples, and they could be different at times.


Fire Noodle Challenge Thursday Activity. Learn Korean language @RollingKorea Korean language school.

Fire Noodle Challenge

Fire noodle is one of the spiciest food in Korea that went viral on Youtube. With mini-games, we made the challenge more intriguing. On mini-games, you will compete for spice relievers such as water, milk, chocolate and more. Win mini-games to prepare for the main game. Everything comes together for the final round. After your team line up, a referee will give you a sign to start the game. Eat fire noodle as much as possible, as fast as possible and pass on to the next person. Any team finishes the noodle first wins the game. Don't forget to use your spice relievers after eating fire noodles!

Seoul Race Thursday Activity. Learn Korean language @RollingKorea Korean language school.

Seoul Race

Seoul Race is one of Rolling Korea's renowned outdoor activities. Team up and complete a series of missions with teamwork and the Korean language you learned in the classroom. It includes picking up items, taking pictures with people, winning staff in mini-games and more. At the end of the race, the referee will assess how well your team has performed on each mission. A team with the highest score wins the game. Unite your team and claim the reward fair and square.

Traditional Day Thursday Activity. Learn Korean language @RollingKorea Korean language school.

Traditional Day

Enjoy Korean traditional costumes and traditional games. Traditional cloth, Hanbok has a different taste compared with neighboring countries'. Unlike fitting casual wears, Hanbok is a bit larger for the comfort. You can put colorful embroidery on it to create a variety of atmosphere. Among many traditional games, Yut-nori is the most popular. It is a teamwork driven strategy board game. Two teams catch each other's stones by throwing four sticks and whoever passes their stones to the finish line wins the game. It is quite unpredictable and needs luck. Koreans play Yut-nori every new year with family members to boost the morale.

Buddy Day Thursday Activity. Learn Korean language @RollingKorea Korean language school.

Buddy Day

Ever wanted to have a Korean friend? Don't miss this opportunity! Make Korean friends of your ages with similar interests. Keep in touch with them even after you go back to the home country. Practice your Korean on them. They might also want to learn your language as well. Koreans are quite sociable and want to know you. Many students have made Korean friends through Buddy Day activity and improved fluency in Korean. We were shocked when a Rolling Korea student came back with perfect pronunciation thanks to Korean friends.

Cafe Day Thursday Activity. Learn Korean language @RollingKorea Korean language school.

Cafe Day

Visit exotic Korean cafes in Hong-dae while socializing with other students. Rolling Korea students have diverse nationalities as many kinds of cafes in Hong-dae. The Korean cafe isn't just a place to have beverages. You can play board games at the board game cafe, pet animals at the pet cafe, read your fortune at the fortune teller cafe, and many more. Take time to get to know each other by speaking in Korean that you learned in the class while having a great time.


Your dedication deserves the prize! Congratulation!

Winner Prize Ceremony Thursday Activity. Learn Korean language @RollingKorea Korean language school.