2018 Seoul Times Square Race

Group picture of students from Rolling Korea. They learned Korean culture, language, and kpop through 2018 Seoul Times Square Race!
In front of Electrobox Figure during 2018 Times Square Race held by Rolling Korea. Students study Korean culture, language, and kpop here!
Seeing is believing! Students learning Korean culture, language, and kpop from Rolling Korea are walking around Times Square to experience Korea in depth.
Rolling Korea students trying Korean food called Jjukkumi (webfoot octopus) in Times Square! They learn language, culture, and kpop through hands-on experience :)
Playing Air Hockey during Times Square Race! Instead of studying Korean, Rolling Korea students learn by experiencing Korean culture, language, and kpop.
Learning Korean, kpop, and culture by having Intense basketball match together! It was a part of culture activity held by Rolling Korea.
Everyone say "Kimchi"! When you are asked to pick one Korean traditional food, it should be a Kimchi. Isn't it? Study Korean words, culture, kpop from Rolling Korea!
Rolling Korea students playing DDR during Times Square Race! Having fun experiencing kpop, Korean culture and language.
Okay, here goes it! THE WINNER OF THE 2018 TIMES SQUARE RACE!! Students strove to learn Korean culture, language, and kpop. They deserved what they've got!
Students from many different countries discussing about Times Square Race's missions. They learn Korean in a fun way including kpop!

Our students played Rolling Korea's 'Yeongdeungpo Times Square Race' on last Thursday. All of them had a great opportunity to practice Korean in real situation by striving to solve various Korean cultural missions! It could have been challenging for them but they did an awesome work! Also, the weather was pretty hot but it could never bother them having lots of fun together 🙂

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