2018 June Orientation & First Day Tour

2018 June Orientation. Students from all over the world came to Rolling Korea to learn Korean and K-pop!
Introduce yourself and getting to know each other before first Korean lesson.
Nice to meed all of you. Rolling Korea will do our best to improve your Korean and K-pop learning experience.
Little field trip after learning Korean and K-pop class. Weather was hot but it was full of joy.
How cute our students with Lion at Kakao store! Little field trip after learning Korean and K-pop.
We went to BT21 character store, collaborated with BTS, after Korean and K-pop class.

New students have arrived and started June courses along with the orientation.
Students from many different countries like Japan, United States, Brazil, Switzerland, etc. were with us!
After class, we visited Line friends store and BT21 store in Yeon-nam-dong.
Aren't our students even more adorable than the Kakao characters?

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