What is this course?

Make your stay in Korea even more special! This is an intensive vocal lesson taught by a professional vocal trainer who is also a singer in Korea. With songs that anyone can sing, you will be learning how to pronounce the lyrics correctly and singing with the unique K-POP vocal styles.

※ You cannot register just for the K-POP dance or vocal lessons. You can register either for the regular K-POP course or the weekly K-POP course.

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What specialties are in this course?

Spend a special time in Korea
learning Korean and K-POP together

Learn intensive K-POP
with professional instructors

Beginner to Advanced
systematic process

Intensive K-POP vocal lessons

Bring your energy up with the exciting vocal lessons!
K-POP vocal lessons with the professional vocal trainer

Learn the most recent top K-POP songs
Learn 2-4 popular K-POP songs every month

Practice the correct vocalizations for K-POP songs
Systematic learning process for the K-POP vocalizations

Effective pronunciation correction
Correct your Korean pronunciation learning the lyrics

Convenient and easy-to- access
These lessons are hosted by Rolling Korea so students could easily take the classes

Who is recommended for this course?

Anyone who wants to
learn K-POP dance for fun

Anyone who wants to
prepare for an audition

Anyone who wants to
make one's afternoon special

Expand your experience with K-POP Lesson


  • Twice a week, 60 minutes per lesson, learn K-POP vocals from a professional singer
  • Learn both chorus and solo songs
  • Beginners can learn easily
  • Pronunciation training when learning the lyrics


  • Twice a week, 90 minutes per lesson, learn K-POP dance from a professional dancer
  • Practice 2-4 recent K-POP songs every month
  • Beginners can learn easily
  • Intensive curriculum starting from warm-ups

Take K-POP vocal lessons
from the current K-POP singer

Warm up / Stretching

Before the actual dance training
we will be doing some warm ups and stretching
to release tensions from the body.

The basics of K-POP vocals

A fantastic opportunity
to learn the special techniques
of K-POP vocal

Practice various songs

Learn many different types of songs
Including the most current and popular K-POP songs

Practice perfect pronunciation

Differentiate similar pronunciations
and practice difficult words
to complete a song

Learn more about regular and weekly K-POP courses  Learn More 

" The staff was listening and pleasant. There was even a good atmosphere among the students so I made lots of friends staying in Rolling Korea. I am more adhesive to Korean thanks to the lessons and I can speak more easily with Korean people. I think if you have any hesitation please don't! Just come with confidence! "

Athalane, France

! Please read the following contents carefully before applying!

※  K-POP dance and vocal lessons are not available for separate registration. You can only register with the regular courses.
※  You can join us even if you have no experience in dance and vocal training.
※  If there are less than 2 people in a class, the class can be shortened.
※  The schedule and contents above can be changed due to unexpected situations.
※  You must be 15 or older to apply for the courses.


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