Vigorous and Passionate Rolling Korea

Greetings! We are the cofounders of Rolling Korea, Jae Jun Yeon and Jun Mi Lee. We met in Yonsei University and became husband and wife. Together we founded Rolling Korea with our exclusive visions in language institution and thorough understandings of foreign cultures based on our own experiences. We’ve been focusing on entertainment in our curriculum for the most effective learning experience.

We’ve built the one and only entertainment program that incorporates the viral K-POP culture. Various cultural experience opportunities and travel guides were also developed in order to address our students’ cravings about Korean culture and language. Rolling Korea will continue to work hard to provide fun and special experiences for students.


Jae Jun Yeon

Yonsei Univ. : Economics / Business Administration

Since my childhood, I’ve been experiencing many cultures in many different countries following my father who is the Korean diplomat. I can’t forget about the thrills I felt when I encountered the foreign cultures and I’m very proud to make career out of that and make known Korean cultures. Regardless of the language barrier, I’ve been trying to spread and introduce Korean cultures such as traditions, K-POP, food, etc. With the cofounder and my wife, Jun Mi Lee, we assist our students to have the full experience in Korea as if they are our families. I want to thank my wife for her devoted love and care for our students.

Junmi Lee

Yonsei Univ. : English Literature / Business Administration
Rolling Korea Co-Founder

Since the young age, I’ve been interest in foreign languages and cultural exchanges and started Rolling Korea with my partner Jae Jun Yeon cofounder. We wanted to build an institution where students can have pleasant time along with the language education. We began our first class with 3 students but today, I’m very pleased to see dozens of students in a month going through Rolling Korea. We will always do our best to make the place where there are sincere communications and connections with our dear students. Your dreams come true at ROLLING KOREA!

롤링코리아 대표에게 묻는다! Q&A

Q What made you start Rolling Korea?

My partner and wife, Jun Mi Lee, and I founded Rolling Korea together in 2012 when K-POP was going viral. We wanted to create a space where we can integrate the interests in Korean culture and Korean language to introduce them to a wider population.

Q What is the goal of Rolling Korea?

Our goal is to provide various cultural experiences on top of the language education for foreign students. Language is a start of a culture and we want to introduce different sides of Korea. Because of these reasons, we have both traditional and contemporary Korean classes.

Q Do you feel worthwhile doing this?

I feel very proud to introduce Korea as a cultural organization and I love to see students growing their interests in Korea. I am very thankful and proud for this opportunity to present Korea.

Q What makes Rolling Korea unique?

We don’t just settle on the language classes. We provide education through various cultural activities. We have field trips where we play mission game and students can incorporate what they’ve learned in classroom to the real situations.

Q When do you feel rewarded?

The biggest reward is when students tell us they grew to love Korea through our programs. Sometimes they even say they want to be Korean and I feel very satisfied and proud for my job.

Q Is there any difficulties working together as husband and wife?

Of course! : ) There were some struggles in the beginning about the direction and vision of the institution. But we’ve learned from our mistakes and now we developed an efficient manage system. We are working together helping and supporting each other.

Our Good Journey with Rolling Korea