Special Events for Students

In Rolling Korea, we have various special events for our students. Make sure to check out the current events and please visit “Inquiries” page to ask any questions. Pay close attention to the upcoming events as well!

Watch the most popular music TV show and see the K-POP stars in person!
Watch Mnet M Countdown

An amazing opportunity to watch the popular K-POP show in person! You can watch the K-POP
music show in person with many different K-POP singers and bands. It will be just like you are at the
concert and you will be able to make unforgettable memories with friends. We are giving away one
free ticket per student every month. Register now!

※ Qualification : Rolling Korea students (personal tutoring students are not included)
※ Available Dates : until December 31, 2017
※ This event can be cancelled unexpectedly due to the station’s situation. In that case, the event will be replaced with another cultural activity.

Special Benefits For You

For our students
Free ticket to the TV show

Watch the live K-POP performances 
with current K-POP stars

Korea’s popular music TV show
Watch the live recording in person

An unforgettable opportunity to see celebrities and visit the broadcasting station

Free tickets to visit broadcasting station

Take a photo with friends when you get the ticket and make great memories together.  

아이돌 게릴라 팬미팅

If you are lucky, you can meet the popular celebrities before the TV show.  

Gift shop for popular TV show

Visit CJ E&M’s gift shop. They have many products that fans love so it’s great for souvenirs.

Visit the famous broadcasting stations

Before watching the show, you can visit famous broadcasting stations like CJ E&M, MBC, SBS, etc.

※ We give out 1 free ticket for M.net M Countdown to a new student every month. (Personal tutoring students are not included.)
※ Every month we have a limited number of the free tickets, so please understand that the tickets might run out at the end of the month.
※ M.net M Countdown can be canceled unexpectedly due to the station’s situation. In that case, the event will be replaced with another cultural activity.
※ If you are taking the weekly course, the free ticket might not be included depending on the time of the month.

“ It was amazing to see the TV show that I like in person! When I was trying to decide where to study
Korean, I thought it was very nice that this event was included. It was great to see my favorite singers
in person and I had such a great time with my friends.”


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