Exciting Activities Every Thursday!

Every week, there are new and exciting activities in Rolling Korea. We continually develop
both traditional and contemporary Korean cultural opportunities that are highly
recommended by our students.

  • Watch “M.net M Countdown” and see K-POP stars in person.
  • “Korean Buddy day” is where you can make some Korean friends!
  • Try delicious food and play games in “Traditional Market Race.”
  • Try on Korean traditional clothes and play traditional games during “Traditional Culture
  • “Cafe Korean” is where you can learn Korean in cute coffee shops.
  • Enjoy “Han River Picnic” where we eat good food at the riverside park.

※ Activities above are examples and they could be different at times.

Exciting Activities on Every Monday!

Seoul Race

This is not a regular tour!
Learn Korean and have fun
playing exciting missions
while visiting famous places.

Korean Buddy Day

Great opportunity to make some Korean friends!
Make some friends having conversations
and playing games together.

Traditional Day

Let’s experience Korean traditional culture!!
Have a special time trying on the traditional clothes
and playing traditional games.

Café Korean Day

Get out of the classroom and study in a cute cafe!
Spend time with friends having tasty drinks
talking about anything you want.

See K-POP performances right in front of you

Watch M.net M countdown live!

A special opportunity for Rolling Korea’s students! M.net M Countdown is a music TV program where you can meet K-POP stars in person. You will get a free ticket to the show when you register for Rolling Korea.
※ Mnet M Countdown can be canceled unexpectedly due to the station’s situation. In that case, the event will be replaced with another cultural activity.
※ Every month we have a limited number of the free tickets, so please understand that the tickets might run out at the end of the month.
※ If you are taking the weekly course, the free ticket might not be included depending on the time of the month.

An unforgettable opportunity to see celebrities and visit the broadcasting station

Free tickets to visit broadcasting station

Take a photo with friends when you get the ticket and make great memories together.

Surprise fan meeting

If you are lucky, you can meet the popular celebrities before the TV show.

Gift shop for popular TV shows

Visit CJ E&M’s gift shop. They have many products that fans love so it’s great for souvenirs.

Visit the famous broadcasting stations

Before watching the show, you can visit famous broadcasting stations like CJ E&M, MBC, SBS, etc.

Rolling Korea’s Featured Activity, Seoul Race!

Seoul Race is one of Rolling Korea’s most popular activities where you can visit famous sites in Seoul and play games using Korean phrases you’ve learned. Make unforgettable memories with classmates playing games and missions and practice Korean.

Let’s visit famous places and play games with friends!

Mission Challenges in Teams

Everyone in Rolling Korea plays Seoul Race. With your teammates, take the mission challenges and work hard together!

Look for the mission destination on your own

Try to get to the mission site with your teammates. Take subways and buses and try to ask around the ways in Korean. It’s a great opportunity to practice your Korean.

Play games in teams

When you arrive at the mission site, we will start the challenge. You will learn how to work tougher and naturally speak Korean while doing the missions such as dining at the popular restaurants and playing games against the instructors.

Prizes for the winner team

There are prizes for the team who wins. Make great memories with friends and teammates!

Han River Picnic / Palace Tour / Amusement Parks / Cafe Korean / Etc.
Many Exciting Cultural Experiences Every Month!