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The Best choice to study Korean oversea, Rolling Korea  ” 

Yeon,Jae Jun, Lee, Jun Mi

Rolling Korea was founded in 2012. Since then we’ve been developing our unique educational contents and diverse activities to provide the most satisfying experience for our students. With the outstanding facilities and safety supervisions, we guarantee a successful learning experience.

Rolling Korea’s distinctive curriculum makes studying Korean enjoyable and facilitates a successful learning experience in Korea. Our goal is to maintain students’ interests and ambition in Korean as the expertise in Korean come naturally.

We also developed the cultural contents that are popular among students such as K-POP / Korean Drama lessons and K-POP Dance / Vocal lessons. Many other exclusive activities, such as Seoul Race, visits to K-POP TV shows, etc., are developed as well in order to provide a creative path to study abroad in Korea.

We hope you have the most amazing and valuable experience with Rolling Korea.

Distinctive Curriculum both fun and effective

Rolling Korea is the nations’s first Korean culture and language institution that is specialized in “Edutainmnet”. We provide professional and systematic Korean lessons that will increase our students’ motivations and outcomes.

Regular Korean Class

Systematic and comprehensive
regular Korean class

Afternoon Class

Develop Practicalities and Speaking


cultural experiences

K-POP Dance

K-POP Dance Lessons

K-POP Vocal

From experienced

Why Choose Rolling Korea  to Study Korean?

Entertaining Classes Boosting Korean Skills
Based on the philosophy of fun language learning, Rolling Korea’s goal is to provide easy and effective Korean classes. Rolling Korea’s biggest strength is the unique curriculum where even the most complicated grammars can be taught with a simple method that works for everyone.

Professional and Friendly Instructors
All language classes are taught by professional Korean instructors. We use both Korean language education book and Rolling Korea’s own textbook for more comprehensive and efficient lessons.

Exciting and Special Vocal and Dance Lessons in the Afternoon
We are hosting K-POP dance and vocal lessons for our students’ special experiences during their studies in Korea. K-POP is one of the most popular cultures today and it can provide stronger motivation and excitement for our students.

Various and Interesting Activities and Cultural Experiences Every Month
Your stay can be more delightful with Rolling Korea’s unique activities! One of the most popular activities is “Seoul Race” where we visit famous sites in Seoul and solve missions in teams. Playing Korean traditional games and trying on the traditional clothes are very popular among students as well.

Friendly and intimate atmosphere that will help you adjust
Coming to Korea on your own might feel intimidating, but Rolling Korea’s friendly and welcoming environment will help you have an enjoyable time during your stay.
It will be an incredible and unforgettable experience to study and be friends with people from all over the world who have the same interest in Korean language as you do.

Services for stable and convenient stay
Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Korea. We provide systematic services that can help anyone who wants to study in Korea. Students have been very satisfied with our thorough services such as Rolling Korea’s designated housing, ROKO House, airport pick-up service, and the financial aids.

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HISTORY since 2012

2012  Rolling Korea, a Korean language institution incorporating the cultural elements, was founded. Korea’s first “Edutainment course”, which combines K-POP and Korean TV series with the language and vocal/dance lessons, was introduced.

2013  Relocated to the current headquarter in Seogyo Dong, Seoul. Broadcasted in KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) TV program, “열정시대”, about classes for foreign students in Korea.

2014  『Hong-Kong U magazine』introduced about our K-POP Korean/ Dance & Vocal classes on their page. VisitSeoul(Official site own by Korean Government) selected Rolling Korea as 『Comprehensive culture center』

2015  Korean Broadcasting System program called 『The morning』introduced about us. Rolling Korea was in charge of organizing Summer School Dance Festival for Korea University

2016  Start to provide special benefits to long-term study students. Rolling Korea organized many team building session for multinational corporations

2017  Developed many intriguing mission games related to Korean class so students can boost up their learning curve.